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Comprehensive 21st century clinical and resuscitation training for doctors, nurses and paramedics

COVID-19 has forced educational institutions across the world to radically rethink how they deliver content and learning outcomes, but the sudden onset of the global pandemic has meant that many are struggling to change to reliable but innovative virtual solutions. The Australian Institute for Clinical Education (AICE) was formed over 10 years ago, and has been dedicated since its inception to excellence in innovation, development, and delivery of clinical and resuscitation training in online and blended formats.

In the pursuit of this excellence, AICE has previously taught standardised courses such as the Advanced Life Support (ALS) courses from the Australian Resuscitation Council, but has increasingly focused on the development of broadcast-quality pre-learning video recorded in its professional studio in Sydney, Australia; together with the use of learning advances based on best educational science including deep learning, spaced education, and teaching to mastery. AICE matches high-level clinical and educational knowledge with professional media skills and experience, to produce unique learning materials.

We are delighted not only to be able to provide clinical education of the highest quality, but to rely on amazing educators to deliver the material. We count specialists, registrars and nurses from emergency medicine, intensive care, cardiology, medicine and surgery in our stellar faculty of educators, as well as senior paramedics and prehospital educators.

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