FOAM Ultrasound resources

Basic ultrasound principles

An introduction to the basics principles of ultrasound use, from the department of emergency medicine at Mt Sinai

The basic Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST) scan from Radiology Nation

eFAST – LUQ (Left Upper Quadrant) – Spleno-Renal pouch view from Sonosite

eFAST – RUQ (Right Upper Quadrant) – Rutherford-Morrison’s pouch view from Sonosite

eFAST – Sub-xiphoid view from Sonosite

eFAST – Pelvic view from Sonosite

eFAST – Lung sliding detection (phased array) from Sonosite


Sonosite case: Ultrasound for pneumothorax – the video demonstrates how to use long and short axis configurations, as well as M-mode, to detect and diagnose both a complete and partial pheumothorax.

More videos coming soon…

USS blogs

Core Ultrasound

From Jacob Avila – an attempt to simplify the ultrasound literature so you can stop spending weeks trying to figure out exactly how a B-line or a mirror artifact works, and focus on using ultrasound at the bedside.


Emergency Ultrasonography

From the Medical University of South Carolina. “Scan every sore abdomen, every pregnancy with cramping, every shortness of breath or chest pain. Developing a sense of “normal” allows for quick identification of what is “abnormal”.”


The POCUS Image Atlas is a collection of rare, exemplary, and perfectly captured ultrasound images intended to be used as educational material.

Ultrasound Ninja

The purpose of this US Ninja is to improve patient care through clinical ultrasound by sharing some local narrated lectures and blog posts from the Cook County Ultrasound Division.

Case stories that stick

Cases from 123 Sonography

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