Advanced Resuscitation and Life Support

The Advanced Resuscitation and Life Support (ARLS) course is authored by the Australian Institute for Clinical Education, and we plan that it will increasingly be recognised as the gold standard in resuscitation education.

The ARLS course takes resuscitation training to the cutting edge of modern education. Across the world the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move into online, mobile and blended-learning education, in recognition that learning has to change, not only because of the potential for infection, but also because of the recognition that digital technology has empowered us to revolutionise clinical teaching and learning.

Professional studio-produced video pre-learning

The ARLS pre-learning combines broadcast-quality studio videos, divided into the Recognition of Serious Illness (ROSI) modules, the Advanced Life Support algorithm, systematic approaches to the undifferentiated or deteriorating patient, and Clinical Skills modules. These are each limited to a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes in duration.

ARLS face-to-face training

ARLS face-to-face training comprises teaching and practice in High-Quality CPR, the Primary Survey and the DRS ABCD approach, airway management to the level of LMA insertion and endotracheal intubation, BVM ventilation, and safe defibrillation using the COACHED mnemonic. Unique team and team leader training, with non-technical skills and communication, are delivered in collaboration with our partners from Qantas.

Spaced-education post-learning consolidation

Following the ARLS face-to-face training, candidate knowledge is consolidated with an extended series of emailed questions, using the principles of spaced education and the Forgetting Curve, to embed essential knowledge. Developed at Harvard, these techniques have been shown to be the most effective method to ensure understanding is retained.

The principals and senior instructors for the Australian Institute for Clinical Education were instrumental in teaching the first ARC ALS courses in Australia, and have been involved with the ALS teaching and development for over two decades. They have also been involved in teaching ALS for more than twenty years in locations as diverse as England, Scotland, Ireland, India, the Philippines and East Timor.

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