FOAM blogs and podcasts

Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine blogs (thanks to LITFL)

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine

Initially an educational blog, now an umbrella organisation housing online educational platforms and virtual communities.


Selected summaries and reviews in critical care from Bern, Switzerland

ECG Guru

ECG GURU is a site for instructors who teach ECG and other cardiac topics, and a place to share teaching materials and resources.

Emergency Medicine Cases

Canada’s most listened to emergency medicine podcast


Scott Weingart’s blog – EMCrit is devoted to Maximally Aggressive Care: Maximally Aggressive Curative Care and Maximally Aggressive Palliative Care

EM curious

Michael Macias’s blog from San Diego, with lots of ultrasound, and home of the Foam Review

EM Docs

US blog with articles falling into 3 categories:  Developments, Oddities and Controversies

EM Ireland

Andy Neill’s blog from Dublin about emergency medicine and critical care topics. Home of the Tasty Morsels of critical care podcast.

EM Literature of Note

Blog from Christchurch, NZ, from Ryan Radecki, covering topics of interest to integrity of scientific research and emergency medicine.

EM Nerd

Another blog from the EM Crit stable, this one by Rory Spiegel from the University of Maryland

EM on the Edge

“Military, Civilian & Wilderness Medicine: The Final BLOG” – from Italy


Emergency Medicine Updates

A combination of clinical pearls and 1412 flashcard summarising Rosen’s Emergency Medicine, with lots of other great stuff from Reuben Strayer.


Basic usable information for junior doctors in Bite-Sized Basics, and more detailed, complex, interesting or controversial topics in Beyond The Basics


An Emergency Medicine podcast reviewing critical topics relevant to EM – from core content subjects to critical literature appraisals and essential COVID-19 updates.

Free Emergency Medicine talks

Created by residents of the Temple University Hospital Emergency Medicine program to help distribute the vast EM lecture library of Dr Joe Lex.


EM case studies from around the world collated by Hennepin County Medical Center.

Improving care in ED

A quality initiative by the Auckland Hospital Emergency Department Quality Committee.

Injectable Orange

Blog from ED nurse educator, critical care nurse and simulation guru Jesse Spurr, “to pour energy into the pursuit of a little more focus on care and the science of nursing practice.”


An educational website for health professionals training in and practicing intensive care medicine, provided by intensivists and trainees from The Alfred ICU

KI Doc

Tim Leeuwenburg is a GP, EM and trauma enthusiast, and a firm believer in the power of FOAM in rural practice. Host to the rather wonderful Fifty Shades of Brown!

Life In The Fast Lane

The architypal FOAMED site, which led the way in Australia and further afield.

Medical Student HQ

Free, open access, expert lecture notes + revision guides on clinical medicine, + how-to guides on how to master clinical historyOSCE stations and physical examination.

Mind The Bleep

Mind the Bleep, from Akash Doshi in London, began as a free international FY1 preparatory course.


A site from Minh Le Cong and others, to discuss and debate prehospital and retrieval medicine, with the philosophy of prehospital critical care.

Pondering EM

Blog from Robert Lloyd, an EM trainee in London, as a platform for reflection, idea-sharing, and clinical discussion.

Practical Evidence

Practical evidence was started as a means to get the important clinical policies and guidelines out there to the docs working in the pits. 


PulmCCM is an online journal club, an online peer-reviewed journal, a library of board review questions and a library of  articles and topic updates.


A space to foster critical thinking, free exchange of ideas, and constructive criticism from Josh Farkas.


Resuscitation Medicine Education from Cliff Reid.

Resus Review

Dedicated to bringing high-quality medical care for cardiology, critical care, and emergency medicine to the bedside.

Rural Doctors Net

A site for clinicians who want to keep in touch with the latest in FOAMed concepts applicable to rural practice.

SCGHED – Charlie’s ED has been developed by emergency physicians at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital who share an interest in medical education.

Taming The SRU

Training in, and managing, the Shock Resuscitation Unit is one of the crown jewels of the University of Cincinatti residency.

The Short Coat

A blog by Lauren Westafer from University of Massachusetts Medical School – Baystate. 


Trauma blog from the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma.

Trauma Professional’s Blog

Provides information on injury-related topics to trauma professionals; written by Michael McGonigal from St. Paul, MN.

UMEM pearls

Educational pearls blog from the University of Maryland department of EM.

St Emlyn’s

The virtual hospital from EM specialists in Manchester; research, evidence and debate…

Out of alphabetical order emergency medicine sites (no time to rearrange them yet…)

Internet Book of Critical Care

The IBCC is written by Josh Farkas as part of the EMCRIT project. I love this…

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