Interstitial [ in-ter-stishuhl ] “relating to the space or time between things…” Cambridge Dictionary

So, what’s an Interstitial? Well, you can see the dictionary definition above, but for us it is a little different. The ARLS Interstitials are short piece-to-camera videos recorded in our studio, by friends and professional colleagues who have deep knowledge and a fascination with particular areas of resuscitation and cardiac arrest. The Interstitials are part of our drive in the Advanced Resuscitation Program to deliver ongoing updates to the topics covered in the ARLS and PILS courses, and to ensure that you have access to the best and most contemporary evidence available. We are busy recording more, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the topics covered so far…

1 Mastering EKGS – a course introduction

An introduction to a 30 video, complete course on EKG interpretation.

2 EKG textbook and website review

Some recommended EKG textbooks and educational websites.

A selection of blogs and online textbooks to take your ECG interpretation and understanding to the next level…

Dr Smith’s ECG blog

Dr. Stephen W. Smith is a faculty physician at Hennepin County Medical Center and Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Minnesota.

ECG of the Week

A weekly ECG / EKG review blog looking at some interesting ECG’s from the world of Emergency Medicine.

My ECG interpretation blog

ECG interpretation blog by Dr Ken Grauer.

ECG Guru

ECG GURU is a site for instructors who teach ECG and other cardiac topics, and a place to share teaching materials and resources.

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